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Welcome to Cousins Executive Coaching

The company was formed in 2014 to deliver the benefits which coaching has to offer.

In today's ever-changing workplace, providing coaching support has much to offer both to the individuals who receive the support and to their organisations.   A coaching relationship offers individuals a unique and valuable series of one-to-one meetings which are designed to help them define, refine and deliver their personal goals.   By investing in external coaching, an organisation is demonstrating its belief in those individuals and how much they are valued.

For individuals, coaching sessions offer a rare moment of self-reflection.   This enables the individuals to build a deeper understanding and awareness of the issues with which they are faced and appreciate how to use and/or to improve their inherent skillset to move forward.   Coaching helps people get where they want to be and often inspires them to achieve much more than they imagined they could.  

For organisations, coaching should be an integral part of developing the skills of their people.   Providing coaching support demonstrates that people are regarded as significant assets and will be part of ensuring that people want to stay with the organisation and deliver what is required of them in the way that is required of them.  

Against this backdrop, coaching can help in the following areas.
►  Improving individual performance;
►  Understanding and unblocking barriers to performance;
►  Helping people to achieve organisation goals;
►  Supporting individual's career progression, e.g. promotion;
►  Improving an organisation's people-retention rate;
►  Achieving effective succession planning, including, and especially, helping people plan for the next phase of their lives following retirement.
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